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LGBTQ Healthcare Alliance One Love is fighting for the rights of everyone in the US.

“United, WE  will never stop taking on the big fights on behalf of  LGBTQ hate crime victims,patients or healthcare providers from discrimination by physical or mental health regardless Race or Gender.”

 We work to advocate for ALL LGBTQ hate crime victims,patients or healthcare providers minorities against the systemic racism, homophobia  and discrimination concerns rising. This is caused by misconduct of state employees and the Attorney General’s state  protected criminals for using violence yet no arrest nor accountability by ANY STATE IN THE UNITED STATES for using it as a basis. 

Hate based on Genderism are the likes of  “RACIAL COVENANTS” and “QUALIFIED IMMUNITY”  while not following established FEDERAL guidelines established to protect patients and healthcare providers since the 1980’s. This  SELECTIVE JUSTICE by states are used  in order to abuse and not be held accountable from prosecution against LGBTQ patients and healthcare providers,doctors, dentists, nurses, mental health providers  etc  and hate crimes violating civil rights, due process, use of hate speech like Trump “mentally sick” and Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s office   using tax-payers’ dollars against LGBTQ healthcare providers and patients discriminating from due process, civil rights and state funding of victimization towards harassment, refusing healthcare, striping licensure, due process and restitution for these anti LGBTQ abuse from “NATIONAL TERRORIST” not being arrested on whom assault and victimize LGBTQ victims  while a state or entity is CLEAR in violating Federal guidelines to FUND HATE.

LGBTQ Healthcare  with your support and donation WILL hold powerful state protected and corporate special interests groups accountable when HOMOPHOBIA, HATE with VIOLENCE, LACK OF ACCOUNTABILITY AGAINST LGBTQ from State employees arrest or involvement for instigation or FRAUD, BELIEFS IN  RACISM, RACIALLY-BIAS JUSTICE , RACIAL COVENANTS, POLITICAL AGENDA, IMPLICIT SOCIOECONOMIC BIAS from State Employees whose beliefs affect social justice system in DIVERSITY, INCLUSION AND EQUALITY by Any state or corporate entity or healthcare center or healthcare provider or qualified immune criminals protected by their state attorney general whom don’t play by the rules, violate our civil rights, protects criminals under “State” qualified immunity” as WE, Healthcare Alliance with your donation We can stand up for working families and the most vulnerable in our state in reporting to FEDERAL GUIDELINES,CIVIL RIGHTS BY OUR CONSTITUTION.

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